Everything About Season Passes and Memberships for Theaters and Sports: Setting up, Selling, Redeeming


Required time: About 20 Minutes

Everything About Season Passes and Memberships for Theaters and Sports: Setting up, Selling, Redeeming

This article and video show you everything about season passes and memberships commonly used by theaters, community theaters, sports, film festivals, museums, theme parks, and many other industries. This video shows you how to set up season passes, sell them, the buyer experience, and redeeming the passes to buy tickets, both by the buyer and by your sales staff at the point of sale.

Season passes and memberships are one of the more complex features in ticketing. Each event organizer may have a different definition for season passes and memberships. Most ticketing systems either don’t offer season passes at all or offer a very limited solution.

Ticketor season passes and membership solution is very flexible and easy to set up and can meet most, if not all, your requirements. It is a great solution for community theaters, sports, as well as other types of seasons passes and memberships such as membership to a museum, cinema or gym.

Here are some highlights about Ticketor’s season passes:

  1. Season passes can be set up and sold before the events they apply to are created or scheduled.
  2. Season passes can apply to single or recurring events. If it applies to a recurring event, the buyer can choose the date / time or performance of the event
  3. Season passes can give full or partial discounts toward the events they apply to. Each event may have a different discount amount or percentage.
  4. Season passes can be sold as individuals, couples, family, or group and in different price variations such as seniors, members, kids, early bird, …
  5. The buyer of the season pass will receive one ticket per pass. Each ticket has a unique code that is used to redeem tickets. Similar to tickets, you can use e-tickets or physical tickets. Buyer can receive the tickets in their email or SMS or they can pick it up at a will-call location or you can mail them to the buyer.
  6. If the buyer has 2 season passes, they can use them in one single transaction or 2 different transactions. The passes can be redeemed in one transaction so the attendees can sit together or they can be redeemed for different dates in one or multiple transactions.
  7. The buyer can buy additional tickets (guest tickets) at full price in the same transaction so they can sit together with their guests.
  8. The buyer has full flexibility to choose the date and their seat for each event. For example, in a community theater season scenario, they may choose Sat. night for the first show and Sunday night for the second show. They may buy 2 tickets for the first show and 4 for the second one (additional tickets will be purchased at full price). They may seat Row B for the first show and Balcony for the second show.
  9. The buyer does not have to pick dates or commit to certain dates at the beginning of the season which usually results in a lot of return and exchange transactions due to plan changes. They can redeem their passes up to the start of the event.

Creating a Season Pass

How to create season passes or memberships on Ticketor

From the Control Panel, click on the “Season” button and create a new season.

Set the:

  • Season title,
  • Season start date which represents when the season pass can first be used to redeem tickets,
  • And the season duration that determines when is the last date that a season pass can be redeemed.

Unlike season passes that are commonly used in sports or theaters, where the season starts and ends at a certain date, some passes or memberships do not have a fixed start date. They start on the day of purchase and are valid for a certain period of time, like a gym membership. If the membership is meant to start on the day of the purchase, tick the box designated for this purpose.

Set the sales start and end date for the season.

In the next tab, you can choose the events that this season applies to. If your events are not set up yet, you can leave the events empty and come back to it at a later time by editing the season.

Select each event and then set the amount or percentage of the discount with the pass. You can set the discount to something like 100%, 30%, or $10

If you select a recurring event (recurring template), the buyer can redeem their pass to purchase one ticket for any instance of that recurring event. Otherwise, if you select a single event or an instance of a recurring event, the pass can be redeemed toward that event.

The rest of the settings are very similar to setting up an event. Set the delivery methods for the pass, a picture or flyer, description and other details.

Set the Prices and Pricing Structure

Ticketor price levels and variations system give you full flexibility to create all kinds of pricing.

You can add as many “price levels” and each “price level” may have as many “price variations”.

Some example of price levels and variations are:

  • General Price
  • VIP
  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Members
  • Time-based pricing such as:
    • Early-bird
    • Last-minute
  • Group based pricing such as
    • Couples ticket
    • Family ticket
    • Group of 10 or more

Price levels and variations can have their own face price as well as the fee or the service charge that the buyer pays to you. You are the one who sets and collects the service charges and you can charge as high or as low as you like for each price level.

Prices can also be “Password protected” and hidden from the general public.

Note that, you can change the pricing and the capacity at any time and the changes will be effective immediately.

Buying a Season Pass:

How to buy a season pass or membership on Ticketor

The season pass will be on sale and available to purchase from the specified “sales start date” until the “sales end date”

The buyer can choose their tickets from different available price levels and variations, check them out and pay using a credit or debit card or other payment options such as PayPal or Venmo.

On the confirmation page, the buyer will receive one ticket per purchased pass. If they purchase group passes or family passes, one ticket and code will be issued per member. Tickets can be printed individually or forwarded to friends and family so that each pass holder can purchase their own tickets by redeeming their own season pass.

Using / Redeeming a Season Pass

The pass holders have a lot of flexibility in using their pass.

Since each member of the group or family receives their own pass and code, they can redeem it for different events, different performances, or different dates and they can choose to sit together or separately.

In other words, multiple season passes can be redeemed in one transaction to purchase multiple tickets or each season pass can be used in a different transaction.

Also pass holders can buy additional tickets at the full price in the same transaction so they can invite guests and they can sit next to their guests.

The buyer does not have to purchase all the events that the season applies to in one transaction. For example, the buyer can purchase the tickets for event 1 and come back in a few weeks or months to purchase tickets for event 2.

Redeeming Season Passes by the Buyer Online

How to redeem a season pass on Ticketor online

To redeem the pass, the buyer starts by adding the tickets to their shopping cart as normal. They can add as many tickets as they need, for any date, event or performance.

On the checkout page, assuming that the buyer’s shopping cart is eligible for a season pass, and that the purchase is happening during the season period, a box will show up and the buyer can enter their season pass code and apply the season pass. The buyer can enter as many codes to redeem multiple season passes.

As the buyer adds season passes to be redeemed, the proper discount gets added to their shopping cart.

As a shortcut, if the buyer is logged in to the same account that they used to purchase their season passes, all their season pass numbers are pre-populated in the box and the buyer can apply them to the cart in one click.

Redeeming Season Passes by the Sales Staff at the Point of Sale

How to redeem a season pass on Ticketor POS

Your sales staff can also help reserve the tickets for the buyer and redeem their season passes. On the POS page, add as many tickets to as many events or performances to the shopping cart.

Then in the “season pass” box, enter and apply as many pass codes and you will immediately see the discount being applied to the cart.

You can add the pass codes in 3 different ways:

  1. If you select the buyer by searching them using their name, email or phone number, all their season passes will get prepopulate and you can apply them using one click.
  2. You can activate (select) the season pass box and scan the barcode or QR code that is printed on the season pass to fill out the pass code and apply it.
  3. You can manually enter the code on the pass and hit the enter button.

Season Pass Status and Balance

How To Check A Season Pass Status On Ticketor

Both the buyer or your sales staff can pull up the pass and check the status of the pass including:

  • The events that the pass has been used to purchase
  • The invoices that the pass is used in