How to attract and motivate sponsors and advertisers to support your events and give them great value to do so in your ticketing or booking process


Required time: About 20 Minutes

Events, classes or booking system with time-slots, using Ticketor

This article and video show you how you can motivate your event sponsors and donors and give them value and recognition to do so as part of your ticket sales and ticketing portal.

You can also use these techniques to sell ads for your ticketing website.

Please note that all these features are totally free of charge to you.

In another video I explain how to collect donations and increase donation volume as part of your ticket sales or booking.

If you rely on sponsors and donors to support your event or activity, it is important to give them value by recognizing and promoting their business in return for their sponsorship.

Moreover, if your recognition is highly visible and effective, others who view the effective recognition may also become interested in the sponsorship.

This concept applies to:

  • Schools, educational institutes and school events
  • Community theater and performing art groups
  • Churches, synagogues and other religious organizations
  • Museums, theme parks or activities
  • Cultural events
  • Charity organizations
  • Gala and fund-raising events
  • Classes
  • Any event, booking or registration that supports a charity or non-profit cause or organization
  • And more

Ticketor provides you several ways to recognize and promote your sponsors.

What is Ticketor?

Ticketor, is a white-label, fully branded box-office and ticketing / booking system that allows you to have your own full-featured registration and ticketing system with full control over everything including buyer fees, pricing, returns, terms and policies.

You can use it for online sales, ticket booth or retail location, as well as over-the-phone sales.

Ticketor can be used for any type of event or activity that requires ticketing, admission, registration or booking such as:

  • Events
  • Classes
  • Admission to a museum, amusement park or attraction
  • Tour reservation
  • Transportation
  • Booking a service, room or equipment
  • ...

Ticketor comes at very reasonable and unbeatable price that is transferable to the buyer, and it comes with great customer support, documentation, walk-through and tutorial videos.

Ticketor is known to be the most feature-full, flexible and automated registration and ticketing system that meets the requirements for any ticketing or registration scenario.

It also allows you to collect the sales money directly using your own payment processor or PayPal account so that you receive the sales money directly and as tickets sell.

Your Ticketor website is fully mobile friendly and search engine optimized. Your website and events are submitted to Google and other search engines to make sure you get the highest visibility on the web.

You can read more about the Ticketor features at

Sign up for Ticketor

Ticketor sign up form

If you already have a Ticketor account, then sign in to your account by browsing to your Ticketor link. Otherwise Sign up on It takes less than a minute and requires no credit card.

Fill out your basic information on the sign up form, choose an address for your Ticketor portal and click on the button.

Choose any plan at this point as all the plans support all the ticketing features you may need. Moreover you can always change your plan at a later time.

Click on the sign up button to see the confirmation page.

Your ticketing and reservation system is ready and you can navigate there using the link on the confirmation page to configure it, customize it and create your events, store, gift cards, etc.

When you first land on your website, or a new page of your website, a walk-through pops up. Go through the steps to learn about your Ticketor site or the page you are on. It takes just a couple minutes and it is the fastest way to make yourself familiar with the site or that feature. It will save you lots of time down the road.

Create an event

Ticketor event creation form

Creating an event on Ticketor is quick and easy. Let’s quickly create an event.

Please note that although we use the term “event” in this video, the concept can equally apply to any activity that may require ticketing, admission, booking or reservation.

I can create the event from the quick links section, or from the “Control Panel”, “Events” button.

It pops up an “Event creation wizard” that I can use to create my events basics before going to the actual event editor that offers plenty of options and customizations.

Alternatively, I can close the pop up and use the event editor.

  • Set the event title.
  • Select the event type.

    The event can be “Online” or “In-person” . Online events can be “Live” or “On-demand”. You can use on-demand events to easily monetize your videos.

    In-person events can be “assigned seated” or “General admission” or a combination of both. “Assigned seated” events allow the buyers to pick their seat on an interactive seating chart. Ticketor offers a state-of-the-art seating chart designer tool that allows you to build any seating chart including, theater style, round-table dinner style, restaurant or cabaret style, night-club style or any combination of them quickly and easily at no charge.

  • Select or create a venue. Venue is the physical or virtual place where your event happens. For seated events, the venue also contains the seating chart.
  • Select the date and time of the event. If the event is recurring, you can set the date and time to the first recurrence and later-on set the schedule.
  • Optionally upload an image or flyer for the event
  • Set the tax or vat and social distancing setting
  • Set the prices and pricing structure.

    Ticketor price levels and variations, gives you full flexibility to create all kind of pricing. If the event is assigned seated, it also lets you set multiple prices per seat such as kids price vs adult price.

    You can add as many “price levels” and each “price level” can have as many “price variations”.

    Some example of price levels and variations are:

    • General Price
    • VIP
    • Kids
    • Seniors
    • Members
    • Time-based pricing such as
      • Early-bird
      • Last-minute
    • Group based pricing such as
      • Couples ticket
      • Family ticket
      • Group of 10 or more
      • 2-day ticket
      • Weekend pass
      • Multi-session or multi-day tickets

    Price levels and variations can have their own face price as well as the fee or the service charge that the buyer pays to you as you are the one who sets and collects the service charges and you can charge as high or as low as you like.

    They can also be “Password protected” and hidden from general public.

    Note that, you can change the pricing and the capacity at any time and the changes will be effective immediately.

  • Add a payment processor or my PayPal

    Payment processor is a financial service that allows you to charge credit and debit cards and deposits the money in your bank account. Most payment processors, except for PayPal, are behind the scene and the user doesn’t know about their name or brand.

    We support most common payment processors including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree,, …. If you don’t have one, you can simply get a Stripe or PayPal account in a couple minutes and use it right-away.

    Click on Stripe or PayPal button, sign in to your account or fill out the sign up form to get a new account, and click on the button to add that to your account.

  • Finish the event creation wizard and it will take you to advanced event configuration.

    There are lots of settings and configurations that allows you to customize the event.

    Complete the event by adding the event description, fine-tune the settings, add your flyer and video.

    You can also:

    • Set the event’s sales start and end date and time
    • Specify what delivery methods are available for the event
    • Set your return or exchange/upgrade policy so buyers can upgrade their tickets or change the date without contacting you
    • Set the event categories, type and genre
    • Set the event availability, restrictions or make it available to certain group or protect it with individual passwords
    • Add questions for the buyer to answer
    • Add related events, merchandise, gift cards or donations to the pre-checkout page to up-sell and promote them
  • And finally test the event as an event buyer by going to the “purchase ticket” page and make sure everything works as expected.

Link to the sponsors' account

Link exchange and SEO

So now that we have a Ticketor account and at least one event, lets see how you can promote your sponsors.

Please note that all these methods are totally free to you and has no cost.

Also note that has high domain authority (DA), which means if the sponsor receives a link on this domain (your website), it will be very valuable for their search engine optimization and help them rank higher in searches. It is a good idea, to ask for a link back to your site or event from the sponsors’ site so that your event and website also gets the search engine benefit and ranks higher in searches.

Add logos and straplines to tickets

Tickets with sponsors logos

The most effective way to appreciate your sponsors is to add their logo or headline to your tickets, so they will be recognized on every single ticket, either printed or on-screen.

This method not only puts their branding in front of the ticket buyer, but also every single attendee.

To do so, edit an event and from the “Pictures and videos” tab, upload an image with the logos in the e-ticket addition section.

Add banners to your site

Banner and slidshow editor

Add their banner to your home page’s slideshow

Your home page, as well as some other pages on your site, comes with a beautiful, easy slideshow maker. Simply click on the icon to edit the banner, add as many slides and optionally give the slide a title and a click link.

Set the transition effect and transition duration and you have a beautiful slideshow, with animated transitions, and the slides can be linked to your sponsors’ website.

You can simply add or remove slides at any time.

Add logos and ads to the confirmation page and email

Sales confirmation page

Add their logo, headline or ad in the event’s “After purchase note” and link it to their site.

“After purchase note” can contain rich text, pictures and links. It will be shown on the purchase confirmation page and confirmation email.

Simply edit the event and from the details page, add the information in the “after purchase notes” box.

Add logos and ads to the event description

Event information page

Add their logo, headline or ad in the event’s “Description” and link it to their site.

You can add the sponsors’ information to the event description that goes on your ticket purchase page. You can also link to the sponsors’ websites.

Simply edit the event and from the details page, add the information in the “description” box.

Add banner or ads to your mailing list

Mailing list and newsletter

Your Ticketor site comes with a mailing list feature. It means that as buyers buy tickets, they get added to your mailing list / newsletter.

You can use the mailing list for different purposes such as announcing new events, announcing changes to a specific event, sending reminders or “thank you notes”.

You can add a section or banner to your emails with the sponsor’s information.

What to do next and optional enhancements

Events on Ticketor

There are many things you can do to enhance and optimize your Ticketor portal. Here are a few:

  • Design your site: Change the colors, upload your logo, email header and background pictures.
  • Add merchandise or gift cards to your store
  • Make yourself familiar with the Point Of Sales (POS) page so you can sell tickets face-to-face or over the phone, in as many ticket booths or retail locations.
  • Add a donation page and add donation to your checkout flow
  • Review all Ticketor features from to learn what else are available and can potentially be useful to you.
  • Also check out the Help and Instructions page, scan the topics to know what are available and get ideas
  • Move the site to your domain or sub-domain so the address of the site will change from[Your business name] to or
  • If you have another website and want to integrate Ticketor with that, design your Ticketor site have the same feel and look as your other site. Match the items in the top navigation menu on both website so visitors can easily navigate between the two sites. Link to your Ticketor site or pages from your main site or embed the ticketing page, or any other page into the other site. If you have a WordPress site, use our WordPress plugin for integration.
  • Use the website builder features and add different type of pages such as:
    • Online store
    • Donation page
    • Gallery page (photos and videos)
    • Blog or news page
    • Reviews page
  • Also edit the text / graphic on your pages and add a beautiful slideshow banner
  • Make yourself familiar with the Gate Control app that allows you to scan tickets using any device with a camera and browser and admit buyers by scanning the barcode or QR-code on their tickets, or by looking them up by name, email, phone number or confirmation number. Gate control also supports ‘Exit and Re-entry’ so you don’t need to stamp attendees.
  • Introduce yourself to your dedicated support engineer. Ask as many questions. Ask them to review your site, evet or process. Schedule a Zoom meeting with them.