How to Set Up a Ticket Booth, Ticket Desk, Box Office or just Sell Tickets On-the-Go and Accept Credit Card, Cash, Checks or Send Invoices Using Ticketor


Required time: About 15 Minutes

How to Set Up a Ticket Booth, Ticket Desk, Box Office or just Sell Tickets On-the-Go and Accept Credit Card, Cash, Checks or Send Invoices Using Ticketor

This article and video, demonstrates how to set Up a ticket booth, ticket desk, box office or just sell tickets on-the-go, in one or as many locations across the town or the globe, and accept credit card, cash, checks or send invoices using

Setting up a ticket booth to be able to sell tickets face-to-face or over-the-phone is very easy on Ticketor.

You actually don’t need much equipment to get started. All you need is a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone for a minimal ticket desk or to sell tickets on-the-go. You can add an office printer, a portable printer or a receipt printer to be able to print tickets and receipts besides emailing or texting them. However, you can set up a professional box-office by adding thermal ticket printers, card reads and cash registers.

Setting Up the Sales Staff User Role and Permissions

Setting Up the Sales Staff User Role and Permissions

You can introduce as many users as your sales staff to the system from the “User Manager” section. They can all log in to your Ticketor site using their own email and password and use the POS (Point of Sale) application to sell tickets. You can manage and limit each sales agent’s user’s permissions.

For example, you can limit if they can accept “Cash” as payment or if they have to always use a credit card.

Another example is the permission to allow them to “Give Discount” or “Charge Extra”.

And you can always pull reports to see their cash balance and how much they have sold using different payment methods.

Sales staff can also perform customer support tasks and help the buyers with printing, exchanging, managing or returning their tickets, resending the confirmation email and tickets, transferring tickets to another buyer, printing will-call tickets or shipping/mailing the mail tickets and merchandise.

Point Of Sales Application

Ticketor Point Of Sales Application

Let’s get started with the sales process.

Simply open your browser on a computer, tablet or phone, browse to your Ticketor site and go to “Control Panel > Box Office > POS” page. Alternatively, you can go to your Ticketor site address, slash POS such as

Depending on the device you are using, the app will ask you to create a home screen icon or install itself as an app. You can accept for easier access to POS page.

The POS page is designed as a single-page application. It means that the page never reloads and you don’t have to navigate between pages. This feature makes the application really fast to be used in a busy situation.

The page is also made to be very touch-friendly, with larger buttons.

On the POS page, you see all your events, merchandise, donation options and gift cards.

Simply click on any event to see the prices. Click on any price and select the number of tickets you are selling at that price. Then click on the “Add to Cart” button.

For seated events, you can also use the seating chart button to select the seats on a seating chart.

Hint: You can add a second, client-facing monitor so the buyer can see or select their seat.

Add as many events, merchandise, gift card, donation, etc. to the shopping cart.

On the right panel, you can see the shopping cart.

You can sell tickets anonymously, without asking the buyer’s name and information, or you can look up and select an existing user by typing in a few letters of their name, email or phone number, or you can add a new buyer to the system.

It is recommended to add the buyer’s information with their email address so they will join your newsletter for future communication and also, they receive their tickets in email. It eliminates the need to print tickets or you can get away with having a printer at the point of sale. Just enter the buyer email address or phone number and they will receive their tickets as email or text.

Hint: If you don’t have a printer at the point of sale and the buyer does not have an email, you can choose the tickets to be texted (SMS) to them or you can choose will-call as the delivery method so they can pick them up later.

Then you can apply any coupon that the buyer may have, add any amount of ad-hoc discount or extra charges, apply the buyers season pass or membership or change the delivery methods.

Hint: To give away complimentary (free) tickets, simply add the full balance as the discount and you can reserve (sell) the tickets as comp.

If the buyer has one or more gift-cards that they want to use, you can add the gift card number and apply them to the transaction.

Hint: The gift cards have a barcode on them. If you have a barcode scanner, the same barcode scanner that you can use with our gate control app, you can simply select (activate) the gift card box and use the barcode scanner to enter the gift card code.

Then select the payment method if any balance is due. You can select Cash, Check, or Credit card. If you have added a credit card reader or credit card machine, the image or icon of the card reader shows up and you can click on the image to activate the card reader.

If you don’t have a card reader, you can simply enter the card number and information using the keyboard.

Then click on the payment button. The sale goes through and tickets get issued. If the buyer’s email address is provided, a confirmation email and tickets are emailed to them and they can simply show the tickets on the phone to get admitted. The gate control app will recognize the tickets right-away. You also see the tickets on the screen.

If you are using a regular office printer such as inkjet or laser printers, simply click the “Print e-tickets” to print the paper tickets.

If you are using a thermal ticket printer such as a Boca printer or others or a receipt printer, you can click on the “Print Thermal Tickets” to print the tickets. It can also be set to print the tickets automatically after each sale.

Selling Tickets Over the Phone

Selling Tickets Over the Phone

If you are selling over the phone, you can choose the credit card option, ask the buyers credit card information and enter it in the proper fields. You can set the delivery method to email or text, so the buyer receives the tickets on their phone, or you can choose will-call so the buyer can pick the tickets up later.

Selling Tickets by Sending an Invoice

Selling Tickets by Sending an Invoice

Instead of selling in cash or credit card, you can alternatively choose to send an invoice. The tickets get reserved (sold) for the buyer and the buyer receives an email, WITHOUT the tickets, with a link to make the payment.

The buyer clicks on the link to go to the payment page of your Ticketor site where they can pay using a credit card, PayPal, Venmo or other methods, depending on your set up, and as soon as the payment goes through, they will receive their tickets.

The sale is now all done and you are now ready for the next customer.

Setting Up Your Equipment - Ticket Printers

Setting Up Your Equipment - Ticket Printers

You can set your ticket printers from the Box-Office Section of the control panel. The full, detailed instruction can be found by clicking on the help icon.

There are different methods for connecting a printer to your system.

The best option, if you have a network printer that is natively supported by Ticketor such as the Boca or Citizen printer, is to connect the printer to your network (router) and as many POS devices can share the printer and print on the printer. All you need is the IP address of the printer to add to the box-office settings. It gives you very fast and easy printing experience.

If the printer is natively supported but is not a network printer, you can connect it to a computer and use our Ticket Printer app which effectively makes the printer a network printer. You can get the IP from the Ticket Printer APP and use the printer in as many POS page.

For any other printers that are not natively supported, you can connect them to your device and install the printer driver and print tickets through the driver. Make sure to set the proper paper size on the printer and browser settings and also make the printer your default printer. The printer can also be shared on the network to be used by multiple devices.

Setting Up Your Equipment - Credit Card Readers

Setting Up Your Equipment - Credit Card Readers

There are 2 types of card readers that you can use with Ticketor.

  1. Types 1 are just card readers. They don’t do much more than reading the magnetic stripe on the credit card and entering the information in the proper fields on the POS page. They can very quickly read and fill out the card number, expiration date and some billing information. Then you have to manually enter the missing information such as CVV and zip-code and click on the pay button to process the card. These card readers get connected directly to your device using USB or Bluetooth or other technologies and introduce themselves as a data-entry (keyboard) device.

  2. Types 2 are the ones that actually communicate directly with the card processor in an encrypted manner and charge the card. They can use swipe, chip, or contactless (tap). These card readers usually qualify you for lower transaction rate by the card processor and lower risk or chargeback.

    These card readers usually connect to the network (your router) through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Setting Up Your Equipment - Cash Registers / Cash Drawers

Setting Up Your Equipment - Cash Registers / Cash Drawers

Cash registers can get connected to most printers to automatically open the drawer when the tickets or receipts get printed.

You can introduce as many cash registers (real or virtual) to the system and force the sale staff to clock in to a cash register before selling in cash. This will make reporting, auditing, and checking the balance of cash register at the time of clock-in and clock-out easier and helps with the cash accountability.

Purchasing Box-Office Equipment - Ticketor Store

Purchasing Box-Office Equipment - Ticketor Store

Ticketor supports different brands and you can use any device with Ticketor as long as it is compatible.

You can optionally purchase most of the devices from our store at