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In short:

We are proud to offer the best rate in the industry while offering the most feature-full, flexible and reliable product with great customer support.

Ticketor charges 2.5% + $0.00 (or 2.9% + $0.49 per ticket) depending on the plan you choose.

  • The Standard plan charges 2.9% + $0.49 (per ticket) and has no setup or monthly fees. It offers all the ticketing features including unlimited events and venues, seating charts, e-tickets, barcode scanning, real-time reports, your custom design and logo, and great customer support.
  • The Premium plan charges 2.5% + $0.00 and has a small monthly. This plan offers additional features such as custom URL (white-label), website builder and analytics.

Unlike most ticketing platforms, there is no flat charge per ticket and no hidden fees.

You can transfer none or part or the entire fee to the customer by setting the service charge as you are the one who sets and keeps the service charges. You can even set the service charge to a higher amount and make extra revenue.

There is no long term contract and no cancellation fee. So you can cancel or upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time.

If you are considering Premium plan, committing to 1, 2, or 3 years, will reduce your monthly fees compared to month-to-month plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When you sell or buy tickets online, there are always 3 types of charges involved no matter what service you use:

  1. Ticketing service: A fee that is charged by the website or service you use to sell tickets.

    Ticketor charges the most competitive fee of 2.5%. You may transfer all or part of it to the buyer.

  2. Credit Card Processing fees: A fee charged by the payment processor or PayPal to process the payment.

    Since you use your own payment processor/PayPal with Ticketor, you pay the charge directly to them. Ticketor is not involved in this fee, however you can transfer all or part of this charge to the buyer.

  3. Delivery charges: A fee charged for delivering tickets by mail, will-call, or print at home tickets.

    Ticketor does not charge for any delivery method. However you may decide to charge your buyers.

Some ticketing services may charge YOU (the event planner), for the fees, while some others may advertise that it is free for you and in this case they charge the buyer for the fees.

Since Ticketor, builds you the ticketing website, we leave the decision totally to you. You may decide to pay the fees by yourself, or transfer all or part of it to the buyer. You can even charge extra and make money of your ticketing service.

You decide how much you want to charge the buyer for each ticket type in each event.

When you as an event planner sell your tickets on a 3rd party website, that website makes money by charging either you or the buyer or both. Now that you own your ticketing website, you can decide to charge the buyer, anything over your cost and this is how you make money.

For example:

  • Assume your ticket face price is: $10.00
  • Your Ticketor cost is: (2.5%): 10 * 2.5% = $0.25
  • If your merchant processing fee is: 3.0%: 10 * 3.0% = $0.30

    * Your merchant fee may vary but is usually in the same range. Contact your service provider for the accurate rate.

  • You total cost is: $.025 + $0.30 = $0.55

So if you charge the buyer a service-charge of $0.55, you break even. But most ticketing services charge much more, why not you? Ticketor allows you to charge as much or as less as you want. If you decide to charge $1.50 for each ticket, you will make $0.95 on each ticket sold.

Monthly fees (if any) will be billed on a monthly basis. Transaction fees are due when a sale happens, however depending on your payment processor it may get collected later. If your payment processor supports "Application fees", the Ticketor fee will be deducted from each sale. If not, Ticketor will bill you either on a monthly basis or when your balance exceeds certain amount.

While most ticketing websites charge much higher fees for selling tickets, Ticketor offers the most competitive price by allowing you to build your own website. It leaves you lots of room to charge extra and make money.

You can switch between plans or add/remove features at any time, and at no extra cost.

You can cancel at any time. There is no cancellation fee and no long-term contract.

Cost Calculator:

+ $

Total Fees: $0.55 (Ticketor + Payment Processor)

Set the service-charge to $0.55, to transfer all charges to the buyer,

or anything over, to make profit.

Help Me Choose The Plan

Pricing (USD)

No Monthly Fee



Most Popular


$39.54$32.95 $47.94$39.95 /month
Description Full featured ticketing solution for all type of events Including unlimited events, venues, tickets, seating charts and support All Standard plan features & much more. Get a full web site and use custom URL
One-Time Setup Fee $0.00 $0.00 $41.94$34.95
Monthly Fee $0.00 $39.54$32.95 $47.94$39.95
Transaction Fee 2.90% + 0.49 per ticket (1) 2.50% + 0.00(1)
2.50% + 0.25 per ticket(1)
Unlimited live support Included Included
Unlimited events Included Included
Unlimited venues & seating charts Included Included
Unlimited price levels & variations Included Included
Get paid before the event Included Included
Use your design, logo & branding Included Included
Use your payment processor and/or PayPal Included Included
Google submission and search engine optimization Included Included
Interactive Seating Charts Included Included
Integrate into your website or social media Included Included
Your site address www.Ticketor.com/[YourName] Included
www.YourDomain.com or
Tickets.YourDomain.com or
Basic social media integration - Post on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs Included Included
Donation collection and integration in the purchase flow Included (2) Included (2)
Social Media and Facebook Ticketing and Integration (Advanced)
Integrate your website with social media and Facebook and leverage the power of them to reach to more customers.

By integrating with social media and Facebook:

  • You can add a "Tickets" tab to your Facebook page where your fans can get information and start purchasing directly on your Facebook page
  • Users can login with their Facebook account for easier access to the site
  • Buyers will be encouraged to Share your events on their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, ...
  • Facebook ADs pixel will be added for analytics purpose and to enhance your Facebook ADs performance.
$4.95 / moIncluded
Google Analytics Integration
Integrate your website with Google Analytics and monitor your website traffic.

Google Analytics gives you detailed analytics and stats of your website's traffic. If you want to improve your website traffic, first you should have a good insight of its current state and should be able to monitor the growth or changes.

Google Analytics let you know who are the users are your site? From what country/city? What demographic? From what website did they get to your site? What keywords did they search to get find your site and many more valuable information.

You will also need to register for Google Analytics to make use of this feature.

$2.95 / moIncluded
Content Pages: Photo and Video Gallery, Blog, News, HTML, Text pages
Convert your box office website to a full website by adding content pages

This website builder feature allows you to add unlimited number of content pages including photo and video albums, text and html pages, blog and news pages.

$9.95 / moIncluded
Online Store (Sell merchandise and gift cards)
Sell memberships, hotel packages, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, gift cards and other merchandise on your website.

The store-online feature allows you to create a store page, add merchandise and sell them online.

The same transaction fee that applies to tickets, apply to merchandise sold through the online-store.

Buyers can buy gift cards at different amounts and use them to make further purchases.

$0.00 / mo (2)Included (2)
Custom URL / Address (white-label)
Move your site to your own URL or Address

If you own a domain like MyDomain.com, move your ticketing site to MyDomain.com or a subdomain like tickets.MyDomain.com or events.MyDomain.com so visitors will see your domain instead of our domain name in their browser address bar.

$9.95 / moIncluded
Designer Tool
Design and Brand Your Site With Your Own Color, Logo And Pictures

You can use the designer tool to select a theme and colors and upload your logo and background pictures.

$0.00 / moIncluded
Additional Emails
Only if you are using your domain for ticketing, you can get additional emails at your domain

Get additional emails at your domain only if you are using the white-label feature to use ticketing on your domain. The fee is per email per month.

$3.95 / moIncluded
Platform / Sub Accounts
Offer the same service as Ticketor to your event organizers

This feature allows you to become a ticketing platform just like Ticketor. Offer ticketing service to event organizers and venues, allow them to manage their own site, set your own pricing and bill them automatically.

N/A Contact us for pricing and more information


No Long Term Contract - You can cancel your account at any time

You can switch between plans at any time

** Event by event accounts are subject to cancellation if there is no event for sale or website does not make any sale in any 90 days.

(1) Same pricing applies to merchandise sold through the online-store feature and donations collected

(2) The same transaction fee that applies to tickets, applies to donations and merchandise sold through the online-store

You can use Ticketor either in "Self-Service" or "Full-Service" mode.

  • Self-Service mode: You or your team will be in full control over your events and tickets. You will create events, add / remove tickets, etc. Our step-by-step, easy-to-follow tutorial, will teach you everything you need to know and basically it is as easy as creating an event on Facebook. Our support team will help you out if you encounter any problem to make sure you are able to use every feature of your site.
  • Full-Service mode: Ticketor support team is responsible for creating events, adding / removing tickets and customer support based on the information you provide to us.

Choose all the features you need to find out the proper plan and cost:

  • If I choose the Premium plan:

  1. Your options are:
  2. Premium plan: (Pay Annually) (Recommended) Included

    • One-time setup fee: $0.00
    • Monthly cost: $32.95
    • Transaction fee: 2.50% + 0.00
  3. Premium plan: Included

    • One-time setup fee: $34.95
    • Monthly cost: $39.95
    • Transaction fee: 2.50% + 0.25 per ticket
  4. Standard plan: Included

    • One-time setup fee: $0.00
    • Monthly cost: $0.00
    • Transaction fee: 2.90% + 0.49 per ticket