Ticketor White-Label Platform


Required time: About 15 Minutes

Ticketor White-Label Platform

This video and article are for individuals and businesses who wish to offer ticketing and box-office service to other event organizers or venues using Ticketor Platform.

Ticketor platform allows you to own a white-label, branded, website, where event organizers can sign up and get a ticketing website, just like Ticketor’s clients but under your brand and your pricing.

What is Ticketor?

What is Ticketor?

If you are watching this video, it is assumed that you are already familiar with Ticketor and what it does and probably you have used it before. If not, or for a refreshment and getting to know all the features and possibilities, please check out our full demo video and blog here.

As a quick introduction, Ticketor is a full-featured ticketing and box-office solution, with a great feature-set that allows event organizers to sign up and own their own white-label, fully branded, ticketing website, with their own logo, design, brand and sell tickets to their own events.

They are given full control over their ticketing, pricing, terms, policies and they sell tickets to their patrons directly. They receive their sales money directly and as tickets sell and the buyers see their name on their credit card statement.

Ticketor’s automated billing system, bills and charges the clients for any annual, monthly, or per-transaction fees according to the plan and add-on features the client is using.

Everything is done in fully automated manner to require minimum to zero support, accounting and maintenance.

Ticketor gets updated very frequently with new features, enhancements and in general, Ticketor is known as one of the most feature-full event ticketing and box-office system out there.

Ticketor Platform

Ticketor Platform

Do you wish you were like Ticketor and could offer the same level service?

You actually can, with the Ticketor Platform. With Ticketor platform, you can become your own branded Ticketor with minimal effort and fully automated and self-service system.

Ticketor platform allows you to own a white-label, branded, website, where event organizers can sign up and get a ticketing website, just like Ticketor’s clients but under your brand and your pricing.

While Ticketor team and engineers work behind the scene to get you and your clients best service and website, you can focus on selling your branded service to event organizers and venues.

Besides all the features and self-service event ticketing service provided by Ticketor, you can also come up with added-value features such as:

  • event promotion or advertisement in certain communities or cities or by using your Ticketor mailing list
  • or you may offer full-service ticketing as well as setting up the box-office and gate control on the day of event,
  • or maybe create a network of resellers throughout the town.

Who is Ticketor Platform for?

  • If you are interested to provide event ticketing service to event organizers, venues, festivals, schools, conferences, tours, charities, or any other industry that needs selling tickets, you need Ticketor Platform.
  • If you are working with multiple event organizers in certain community or industry, or probably currently offering them other events services, you can use Ticketor platform to extend your services.
  • 3- If you are a venue and often rent out your venue to event organizers and want to provide them with a ticketing solution that they can manage and sell their own tickets while still being under your umbrella or use your payment processor.

Highlights of Ticketor Platform

Let’s assume your brand is “My Great Tickets” and your domain name is MyGreatTickets.com

  1. You get a white-label Ticketor-based website at MyGreatTickets.com that you can design with your own logo and colors, customize and add different types of pages such as tickets page, store page, contact us page, and more and you can add content to your site using the Ticketor website builder and CMS (content management system) features. Your website will have all the features of a Premium Ticketor website and you can use it to sell tickets, create events, venues, seating chart, mailing lists, etc.
  2. You get to create your own Plans and determine the fees associated with each feature. For example, you can create a Gold Plan as well as a Platinum plan. You can set the setup fee for the plans as well as the monthly or annual fee, determine what features are included in each plan and what features are available at additional costs. You can also set the transaction fee for sold tickets or set the payment processing fee in case the organizer uses your payment processor. You plans may have pricing in different currencies to target event organizers in different countries.
  3. You can add a “Signup” page to your site where the event organizers can sign up and build their own “My Great Tickets” website in a self-service or assisted manner.
  4. When the event organizers, your clients, sign up, they get a new ticketing website at MyGreatTickets.com/[Their Business Name] . For example, one of your clients may be “The City Theater” and so they may sign up and get a website at MyGreatTickets.com/TheCityTheater . optionally, you can allow them to move their site to their own domain TheCityTheater.com or subdomain such as Tickets.TheCityTheater.com
  5. Your clients will be the administrators of their own website and can run their site and events just like any Ticketor client, limited by the features in their selected plans. They can create events, venues, coupons and send out newsletters. They can have their own delivery methods and their own payment methods. They can add other administrators, event organizers, sales staff and gate checkers and they can use any other feature available in Ticketor.
  6. Each of your clients will be fully independent and separate from other clients.
  7. You will be the Super-Administrator of all your clients’ website. You can log in to any of those sites and have the administrative rights on their sites for support, set up or auditing purposes.
  8. The system will automatically generate initial and monthly bills for your clients and have them pay the bills. The bills will be sent from your behalf, MyGreatTickets.com and the money will get collected directly using your own payment processor and go to your own bank account.
  9. You can limit the features the administrators have access to based on the plan they choose. For example,
    1. You can have a full-service plan, where you do not give administrative rights to your clients and you will be in full control of all set ups.
    2. Or you can make the client use your payment processor instead of their own
    3. Or you can make the client to use your logo and brand instead of their own
    4. ...
  10. You can make the event organizers use their own payment processor or make them use your payment processor.
    1. If the event organizer uses their own payment processor, they will receive their sales money directly.
      1. If the sales money is collected using a payment processor that supports splitting the funds, such as Stripe, your client will receive their own portion on each sale and you will receive your fee. For example, if your plan charges 5% + $1 per ticket and the event organizer sells a $100 ticket, the $100 gets split and $6 will go to your account and the remaining $94 goes to the client’s bank account.
      2. If the payment processor does not support split, or if the sales has happened in cash or check, the client will receive the total amount of the sales and the system will bill them for your fees.
    2. If the event organizer uses your payment processor, the full amount of money goes to your bank account and at the end of a billing cycle a statement will get generated with the amount of money you received, the amount of transaction fee that you charge, the amount of payment processing fee that you charge and any monthly or other fees and you will have to pay the event organizer for the remaining balance after all the fees.
  11. You can make the event organizer use your design and logo or you can make them design their website with their logo and brand. Alternatively, you can sell the designing service as an add-on.
  12. Invoicing – Besides the regular automated billing, you can invoice the clients for additional services that you may offer and they will have an invoice to pay with their credit card and the money goes to your account
  13. List of all clients’ events: You can add a page to your site which lists all the events of all your clients, to create an event hub. Buyers can go to this hub, MyGreatTickets.com, click on the event which takes them to your client’s site where they can buy tickets.
  14. Send newsletters with all your clients’ events. You can send out weekly or regular newsletters that include all events from all your clients.

Our Billing Practice to Ensure You Get Paid

If you allow the clients to use their own payment processors or if the event organizer has a lot of cash sales, you may have a concern that they may not pay your fees.

Ticketor’s automated billing system tries it best to avoid such scenarios. Here is the current billing practice as of the time of this article:

  1. If the payment processor used in selling tickets supports splitting the collected fund, you will receive your fee as part of each transaction
  2. The system requires that the client have a payment method or credit card on file and accept to auto-payment in order to use the site. It should be included in your terms of service as a requirement.
  3. The assumption is that the event organizer owes you the fees at the moment of sales and the system can charge the credit card on file or request a payment at any moment after the sales happen.
  4. The system analyzes the clients risk based on multiple factors including the amount they owe, and the number of events they have coming up and their dates, and determines how often to charge the client. All clients will get billed at least once a month on their billing date. The system may charge the client multiple times during the month based on the risk factor. The system wont charge more than once per day.
  5. If the client has not set up their auto-payment method yet, or the auto payment method is expired or the payment does not go through and the client has past due balance or unpaid bills, the administrative access to the site will be blocked and the client will not be able to log in, pull reports or make any changes to the site until the on-file payment method is updated and bills are fully paid.
  6. All bills and payment confirmations are emailed to all the client’s administrator(s). The bills are emailed to the clients on a monthly basis from your email address and with your email header and footer. If a bill or partial payment is charged to the client card, an email is sent to the client. If the invoice in unpaid, multiple reminders are sent to the client.
  7. You will be able to see all paid and unpaid bills in your dashboard, edit the invoices, adjust the amounts, and take proper action on the past due bills.
  8. Make sure the billing practice is explained to the clients and is included in your terms of service and remember that our billing practice may change to best serve us and our clients.

How do I get billed by Ticketor:

You will receive a monthly bill from Ticketor that includes any monthly fee and transaction fee that your website and your clients have occurred.

For example, if your account transaction fee is 2.5% and during the billing cycle, you have sold $2000 and your client, “The City Theater” has sold $3000, you will be billed for 2.5% of ($2000 + $3000).

Please note that your fees to your clients have nothing to do with Ticketor fees to you. In other words, you can market your service and set your fees however you like and you can go as high or as low as you like.

Please contact us for the platform fees and how to upgrade.

Sign Up and Set up a Platform Account

Sign Up and Set up a Platform Account

Let’s set up a Platform account and signup and onboard a client:

  1. Set up a regular Premium account and move it to my domain. I already have a Premium Ticketor website on my domain at MyGreatTickets.com which is designed and branded with my logo. I also have a couple events on sale.
  2. Add a Stripe payment processor. Stripe payment processor is required for Platforms as it allows to have connected accounts, splitting funds and billing in multiple currencies
  3. Upgrade the account to a Platform Account. I ask the customer support to upgrade my account to a Platform account. A new panel, named Platform, is added to the control panel, with multiple options.
  4. Create my plans. I start with creating my plans. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Premium, etc. I can create as many plans. For each plan, I can add pricing in as many supported currencies. For example, my Gold plan, may have a pricing in US Dollars and another pricing in Canadian Dollars. The client will receive the plan based on their country and they will be billed in the selected currency. If I do not create a plan for certain currency, the clients in those countries will be billed in the default currency of my platform and all their sales fees will be converted to the billing currency.
  5. Add a Signup page and optionally add additional text or a banner to the signup page.
  6. Add a Platform Events page that lists all the events of my site and all my clients
  7. Optionally add additional Freeform pages to explain my service, pricing and plans.
  8. Edit my Stripe payment processor and add additional fields required for billing and to connect the client accounts.

Your Platform is now ready to launch.

Sign Up as a Client on Your Platform and Go Live

Sign Up as a Client on Your Platform and go Live

Let’s sign up as a client:

  1. A client would go to the Signup page of your website, fill out the information, choose a URL, such as TheCityTheater, select their desired plan, confirm the charges associated with the plan, agree to the platform’s terms of service and sign up.
  2. A brand-new website is built for the client. They can now see the confirmation page and a confirmation email is sent to them from the platform’s email with your email header and footer.
  3. The client can go to their site at MyGreatTickets.com/TheCityTheater , where they are logged in as administrator and they can customize and set up the site.
  4. The client creates new events. The events show up on their site as well as the platform’s events page.
  5. The client can add a payment processor as connected to your Stripe payment processor.
  6. The client and their staff can sell tickets using a credit card or in cash, online and in the box-office
  7. As they sell tickets, their ongoing monthly bill is updated with the fees and they and you can check it out at any time
  8. At the same time as you and your clients sell tickets, your Ticketor bill is updated with fees occurred to you and your clients
  9. You can invoice the client. For example, the client needs a consultation session that you offer at $100 per hour and you want to send the client a payable invoice for $100. You can create the invoice and email to the client. You can also mark the invoice to block the client’s administrative access to the site until the invoice is paid. The invoice and payable link is emailed to the client and also available in the “Billing and Invoices” section of their site.
  10. The client receives the invoice and can pay online. The money goes to your bank account through your payment processor.
  11. You and all administrators of your platform site, can log in to any client site, with the same email and password to perform support, setup, assistance, auditing, … . Make sure your activities are aligned with the client expectation and your terms of service.

Sign up, Schedule a Meeting or Consultation Session

Sign up, Schedule a Meeting or Consultation Session

Please sign up on Ticketor.com for free and experience the site and try it out.

Platform pricing can be found at:  Platform Pricing.

If you have any question, feel free to chat with your dedicated support engineer from the chat box at the bottom-right corner of your website.

If you need a more in-depth conversation, consultation, or need help with the setup, feel free to schedule a free Zoom meeting on our calendar from Ticketor.com . Your dedicated support engineer will be happy to meet you and help you out.

Hope you enjoy your experience with Ticketor and we get the pleasure to work with you for many, many years to come.